Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Webinar Agenda

Presented by:
Michael Caballero, Product Specialist – IC Realtime
Gary House, Founder – Dem360, LLC

This session is designed to introduce IC Realtime and Greenline Cannabis Video Surveillance. Learn about the importance of video surveillance strategy and qualifying the right solution. We will touch on compliance for various states and why selecting the right equipment and the right installation & maintenance partner could be the difference between a successful business or failure.

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Insuring your
Cannabis Business:
Top 10 Things to Know

June 18th, 2020, 1:15pm EST

Presented by:
Manuel Cuaron, CEO/Principal – OG Cannabis Insurance

Understand what an agent focused on cannabis insurance knows about the “good & bad” of the current cannabis insurance market place and how that knowledge helps cannabis operations choose the best policy for their business. Learn what carriers are placing coverage and how each insurance company excludes different coverage from their policies.

Accounting, Tax
& Finance Needs in the
Cannabis Industry

June 4th, 2020, 2:30pm EST

Presented by:
Karrie Schell, Founder – Growing Green, CPAs & Business Advisors
Rose Stepanian – Accountant, CPAs & Business Advisors

This session will explain the need for a strong accounting, tax & finance function when operating in the cannabis industry. You’ll hear advice on best practices and must-does that will help the Cannabis CEO succeed as they navigate issues including 280e, 471 and proper application of GAAP accrual and cost absorption accounting.

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Presented by:
Jennifer Germano – ICS Consulting Service

Now is the time to lean into the company processes and standards in your Cannabis Business. During these challenging times of uncertainty, a Health and Sanitation Plan is essential more than ever in our ever-changing Cannabis Industry.

This session will educate the attendee on following critical topics and how Licensed Cannabis Operations can continue to provide a clean employee work and customer retail environment through basic Health and Sanitation Practices in your day to day operations.

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Raising Capital
to Grow Your
Cannabis Business

June 18th, 2020, 1:15pm EST

Presented by:
Ken Hunt – Fiber, Field, & Fork, LLC

  • How to determine if and how much capital is needed to grow your business
  • Understanding how to develop a capital strategy
  • How to create a compelling message to potential investors that will increase your chances of investment
  • What are the different kinds of investors and how should they be treated differently
  • How to develop a target list of prospective investors
  • What investors tell you they want
  • A peek behind the curtain of actual investor decision making
  • Cultivating the investor relationship after the check clears

3 Simple Data Tools To
Simplify Inventory Management
& Increase Cash Flow

June 18th, 2020, 2:30pm EST

Presented by:
Henry Finkelstein – Cannabis Big Data

Managing cannabis inventory is complicated and hard. Buy the wrong products, or too much of the right products, and you’ve got dollars locked up in boxes. Buy too little variety or too few units and you’ll have frustrated customers that stop coming back.

In this session, we’ll cover the top 3 data tools to make managing inventory easier. You’ll learn how to use your POS data to spot the right products to reorder, when to reorder them, and how much to reorder. We’ll also highlight some key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks to inform your inventory strategy.

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Presented by:
Ryan Lafferty, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer – Kush Design Studio

It all starts with a dream, or a hope, or a mission, or a purpose, or a calling. But how will you bring it to life?

The task of creating an operational cannabis facility can be an extremely complicated, and overwhelming process. You need a plan, and a team. That’s where we can help.

At Kush Design Studio, we’ve spent years cultivating relationships with leaders in the national cannabis industry as well as service providers with proven expertise in their own fields. As a result, we’ve assembled a vertically integrated, dream team of professionals equipped to turn your cannabis business vision into reality.

This educational session will focus on the importance of working with integrated partners to coordinate:

  • Branding
  • Construction Design & Build
  • Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Packaging
  • Security & RFID Installation
  • Signage & Promotion

Leveraging Integrated Partnerships to Develop an Operational Cannabis Facility

Past Webinars

In March 2020, the now-global viral pandemic began having notable and harsh effects on Michigan business and government which are still being felt. Regulated industries such as the cannabis industry are no exception. This one-hour webinar will offer participants a chance to hear perspectives on the crisis and impacts to the Michigan cannabis industry from leaders in state government and regulated business.

Michigan Regulatory Update Presentation

Cannabis laboratory testing is done for human safety. Common cannabis contaminants that have known health risks include pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and microbial pathogens. It is essential for a fledgling industry seeking credibility to have access to rapid, accurate, and reliable testing so contaminated products can be removed from the supply chain before a sale and so marijuana producers can identify areas to improve their processes.

An Introduction to Cannabis Lab Safety Slide

Operating in the legal recreational market is an everyday challenge. There are many struggles that this industry faces, exclusively. Attorney Weltzin is the leading Cannabis Attorney in the state of Alaska in this session will touch on many of the everyday struggles and what we can look forward and expect in the future as we move towards Federal legalization. Jana Weltzin will discuss real life challenges, pitfalls, and tricks to remaining compliant and successful in an evolving cannabis market.

Operating in Legal Recreational Markets
Operating in Legal Recreational Markets PDF

Discussion on the challenges that many businesses in the cannabis industry experience and the state of affairs for securing dependable payment processing when you are considered by financial institutions as “High-Risk”

Payment Processing in High-Risk Industries

This webinar is designed to discuss and review the following points when considering options for understanding traditional systems versus other technologies that support higher level offerings in being energy efficient and sustainable. With this review, we hope to open some options for some customers to consider being more energy efficient and sustainable.

Optimizing Indoor and or Greenhouse Cannabis Grow Operation

Discussion on the challenges that many businesses in the cannabis industry experience around employee onboarding, retention, education and engagement.

  • Electronic onboarding
  • Product knowledge
  • Employee retention through 401(k), benefits
  • Employee/Consumer engagement
  • Transfer of liability and non-essential HR tasks
  • Safety and employee training
Redefining HR Payroll and Employee Consumer Learning Slide