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Trimmers are important tools for cannabis growers. They are used to remove the excess parts of a cannabis plant, leaving only the flower portion. Growers can trim the plants themselves, but many prefer to use machines. These machines can trim your crop quickly and accurately, using much less labor.

Your business can use a variety of trimmers to trim your cannabis crop. Below, you will find trimming equipment in many different shapes and sizes with many different trimming methods as well. Choose from manual or automatic, bag or tumbler trimmers, and more. Look at the companies below to find the trimming equipment and machines you need to harvest your cannabis efficiently.

Twister Trimmer

(888) 254-3204

10425 173 St, #109, Surrey, BC V4N 5H3, Canada

Product Lineup:

Twister T2, Twister T4, Twister T6, T2 Trim Saver, T4 Trim Saver, Feed Conveyer, Quality Control Conveyer and Rail System.

Company details


Surrey, BC

Year founded:

Company type:
Privately Held

Company size:
11-50 employees

enginneering, supply chain, marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, and production.

EZ Trim, LLC

(303) 635-6281

Broomfield, CO 80020, USA

Company details
Headquarters: Broomfield, Colorado
Year founded: 2010
Company type Privately Held
Company size: 2-10 employees
Specialties: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Harvesting, and Processing
Brands: Satellite, EZPress, EZSift, Wander Trimmer