Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms & Conditions For & Cannabis Industrial Marketplace 2020 Expo Contracts

Payment Method:

If a credit card was provided with the contract submission, the advertiser or exhibitor hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this Contract and authorizes CIMP, LLC or a designated partner per the contract or invoice to charge the provided credit card for the first payment and subsequent payments.

If a credit card was not provided, the advertiser or exhibitor hereby agrees to the Terms and conditions of the contract and have included a check payable to CIMP, LLC for the first payment and agrees to make subsequent payments per the Contract for the contracted services.

Payment Terms:

The initial payment will be applied to the amount due with the Contract.  Subsequent payments will be due on the 1st day of each billing period. Failure to provide timely payments will incur a $75 per month late charge and may result in service Termination after 30 days. If a Contract is canceled by CIMP, LLC for nonpayment, the client will be responsible for the entire Contract costs and collection/attorney fees.


The advertiser or exhibitor understands that Contracts can only be terminated within 5 days of signing by providing a written notification of cancellation to CIMP, LLC.

Production & Client Interaction:

CIMP, LLC agrees to provide resources to fulfill the services outlined in the Contract and the client agrees to assign a knowledgeable company contact to be available for the interaction steps as outlined as well as providing necessary company information to complete the Service Contract. Should the client fail to provide the information required within 30 days of written request from CIMP, LLC, CIMP, LLC will have the option to launch and invoice the contracted services.

Data Content & Ownership:

Domains, online profiles, banners, marketing media, and all published data (on-line & off-line) will remain the intellectual property of CIMP, LLC and may reference and/or be linked to and published by CIMP, LLC. for display in any and all of its expositions, owned online properties, and online partnership properties. Upon expiration of the Contract, the client may request the removal of any or all content on CIMP, LLC properties.  CIMP, LLC reserves the right to approve or limit any content displayed online or at CIMP LLC’s expositions in or on reserved booth spaces,  halls, banners, and seminar areas.

Content may not be scraped, reused or published anywhere with out the express, written permission of CIMP, LLC, or where prohibited by law, the current legal Copyright, Trademark, or content owners. The Data Content & Ownership clause is subject to all CIMP, LLC properties and information, including information hosted on other hardware except by contractual, binding agreement.

Majeure Clause (Acts of God):

In the event of a force majeure (ex.: flash floods, blizzards, lightning strikes, fires, etc.) CIMP, LLC. reserves the right to make changes to its events’ showtimes. You accept these changes as is and in full. Should a force majeure and changes be made to Our showtime(s) We will provide You with an equivalent credit to the original purchase of Our show(s) valid at any of our shows. Ad & Listing Service:

CIMP, LLC will publish all contracted listings, ads, and data for use online per the CIMP, LLC privacy policy Ad & Listing Renewal:

CIMP, LLC hereby grants the client an ongoing option to renew all or specific contracted ads and listing positions at the same cost if exercised 90 days prior to Contract expiration. The client must provide written notice of their intent to renew to CIMP, LLC 90 days prior to contract expiration and have executed and signed the renewal contract within 60 days of the current contract’s expiration.


CIMP, LLC hereby agrees to perform the contracted services to meet industry best practices and quality standards. Should CIMP, LLC publish incorrect information, the information will be corrected by CIMP, LLC at no charge to the customer after notification of the error, but CIMP, LLC’ liability is strictly limited to correcting the published information, and the client hereby agrees to indemnify CIMP, LLC and hold CIMP, LLC harmless for any loses claimed to have resulted from incorrect data publishing.

Exposition and Insurance Specific Terms:

  • Client will secure all required licenses and permits and to collect and report all taxes as required by government agencies.
  • Client will secure and hold liability insurance for each exposition and will provide a certificate of insurance if requested.
  • CIMP, LLC reserves the right to approve or limit any content displayed in reserved booth spaces, printed on banners, and within the halls & seminar areas.
  • Client must abide by the published schedule, move in and move-out times. Expo booths must be manned during all expo hours or CIMP, LLC
    may move or cancel Client’s booth without notice or refund. Clients’ remaining past the move-out time, will incur a fee of $200 + labor costs
    to clear the booth area.
  • Management assumes no responsibility and liability for any merchandise or exhibit left in the exhibit hall.
  • No THC or Marijuana is allowed on the expo premises. If any client, client contractor, or client employee is found breaking this ban, the exhibit
    may be removed and authorities contacted.
  • CIMP, LLC reserves the right to approve all information displayed by Sponsors/Exhibitors at CIMP, LLC expos and agrees to allow use of the logos for advertising.  Sponsors and exhibitors agree not to act in any manner that would conflict with or compromise CIMP, LLC’s intellectual property rights, value, deliverable value to other exhibitors, or market perception.
Unforeseen Delay
Upon an “Act of God ” or “Force Majeure” that prevents an expo from being held on the originally scheduled date and/or at the original location, CIMP LLC, will reschedule the event within 50 miles of the original location and within 90 days of the first reasonably available date. Events will never be cancelled. All exhibitors and ticket holders will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled expo. Exhibitors and ticket holders will have the option to transfer to one of CIMP LLC’s other expos currently scheduled by submitting such a request to [email protected] within 30 days of the new event announcement.  Should an exhibitor elect not to participate in any of the CIMP, LLC events, they may request a refund at [email protected], minus a 33% cancellation fee, and removal of any multi-expo discounts if included .  The refund request must be submitted within 30 days of the event change announcement and the refund (amount paid minus the 33% cancellation fee) will be processed 3 days prior to the original event date.

Contractual Jurisdiction:

All Contracts are in accordance with the current terms and conditions as published by CIMP, LLC at and are governed by the laws of Michigan, the state of incorporation for CIMP, LLC. Any claim by either party is to be in accordance with Michigan law having all claims filed in a Genesee County Michigan court.

Agreement & Consent Clause:

The Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy clauses, agreements, and requirements are subject to change by CIMP, LLC without prior notice. All parties bound by a CIMP, LLC Contract hereby consent without exclusion to the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy as they are written when entering into their Contract, and all subsequent changes and modifications to both the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy administered by CIMP, LLC.