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CBD – Antibacterial Agent?

There are many different uses for cannabidiol (CBD), but is it an antibacterial agent? According to Loren Devito, PhD: “Evidence to date “Cannabidiol (CBD) can do wonders for the body and brain. And cumulative clinical evidence is substantiating many anecdotal tales from daily CBD users. But, while many satisfied CBD… Read more »

Mexico’s legalization of hemp, marijuana could be ‘quite significant’ for US markets

The legalization of hemp in Mexico could end up being “quite significant” for the United States hemp market. According to Ivan Moreno with Hemp Industry Daily: “Mexico is poised to become the world’s most-populous country with legal marijuana and hemp next month – and, unlike its northern neighbor, Mexico is… Read more »

USDA Announces Two Temporary Changes To Restrictive Hemp Rules

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rolled out two changes to some of its hemp regulations. According to Kyle Jaeger with Marijuana Moment: “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Thursday that it will be temporarily delaying enforcement of two provisions of its hemp regulations. “Hemp producers will not… Read more »

What marijuana companies can learn from federal legalization of hemp

The marijuana industry can learn something from the federal legalization of the plant’s relative: hemp. According to Jeff Smith with Marijuana Business Daily: (This is the second in a series of stories from Marijuana Business Daily considering the current U.S. federal marijuana reform landscape. Click here to read the first… Read more »

Fruit, vegetable giant latest to join smokable hemp industry

The smokable hemp flower market has gained a new player in the Pacific Northwest. According to Hemp Industry Daily: “A major fruit and vegetable processor is entering the market for smokable hemp flower, converting a former pear and apple cannery in Washington state to hemp drying. “Seneca Foods, a Nasdaq-listed… Read more »

Leafly Presents: How to Use CBD for Anxiety

Cannabis has been believed to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety for some, but for those looking to ditch the anxiety without the high might want to consider CBD. According to Emma Stone with Leafly: “A pounding heart, sweaty palms, racing thoughts: For those living with an anxiety disorder, these… Read more »

Largest Native American Tribe Takes Step Toward Reforming Marijuana Laws

A Native American tribe has created a working group to research how the tribe can use marijuana and hemp. According to Alexander Lekhtman with Marijuana Moment: “The largest Native American tribe is assembling a working group to study how it can use marijuana and hemp to boost commerce, health care… Read more »

Kentucky College Offers Hemp Production Course

A hemp production course is set to arrive at the Maysville Community and Technical College in Kentucky Spring 2020. According to TG Branfalt with “Kentucky’s Maysville Community and Technical College is set to offer a course on hemp production in the spring semester, Morehead News reports. The class –… Read more »

Arizona Cannabis Business Expo Presents – FabricAir

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have FabricAir, Inc from Georgia exhibiting at our February Cannabis Business Expo in Phoenix, booth number 151. They will also be exhibiting at our Michigan and Chicago expos. FabricAir has been engineering smart air solutions since 1973, and remain the global leader in Fabric… Read more »

WeedMaps Reports: How CBD entered the World of Mixed Martial Arts

According to some, CBD is helping athletes in mixed martial arts optimize their performance on fight night. As reported by Adam Woodhead with WeedMaps: “Roman Mironenko’s story as a professional mixed martial artist is a familiar one. After some career-high points, including a stint on the Russian reality show Mixfighter,… Read more »

WeedMaps Presents: CBD Patches — a Guaranteed Method of Cannabinoid Delivery — Explained

For some potential CBD consumers looking to try something new, CBD patches might be a worthwhile option. According to Adam Drury with WeedMaps: “From tinctures to edibles to capsules, oils, vape cartridges, and even flower, cannabidiol (CBD) products come in a dizzying array of forms, each with individual consumption methods. So you’d be forgiven for… Read more »

Leafly Reports: Hemp cleans toxic soil and produces clean CBD flower, study finds

Hemp plants grown in contaminated soil produce “an abundance of CBD”, according to recent research. According to Chris Roberts with Leafly: “The cannabis sativa plant produces more cannabinoids when stressed. That’s a fact long known to growers seeking higher levels of THC and CBD. “Stressing plants also comes with risk…. Read more »

Bees Like Big Hemp And They Cannot Lie, Study Shows

A study at Cornell University found that bees aren’t just attracted to flowers, but also to hemp. According to Matt Saintsing with Marijuana Moment: “Some pollinators tend to flock to hemp, but according to a recent study, the taller the trees, the more plentiful the bees. “Researchers at Cornell University… Read more »

Advanced Nutrients Launches Three New Products in Celebration of Milestone 20th Anniversary at MJBizCon

Expect new things from Advanced Nutrients as they launch three new products to celebrate their 20th anniversary. According to Melissa Schiller with Cannabis Business Times: “Advanced Nutrients, a leading global nutrient company, will be launching three new product lines available at MJBizCon, the world’s largest cannabis event. Using Augmented Reality… Read more »

Hemp in Virginia grows toward the future

With growth in the cannabis industry, some states are seeing a boost in their hemp markets as well. According to Jeff Raines and Morgan Edwards with Capital News Service: “’We do grams, eighths, quarters, half ounces, pounds, wholesale pounds — however you want it,’ Jacob Stretch said, standing between crates… Read more »