Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Raymond Felton

Fortuna Security Group

Session Title: Secured Transport; Missouri Regulations and Monitoring

Time: July 23rd, 10:45 AM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Raymond “Ray” Felton is a young and aggressive entrepreneur and consultant. He has been involved in security testing, tactics and leadership training, performance enhancement, and worked as a consultant to different military units and private security groups around the nation since 2011. 

In addition to his work in the security sector, Ray is an entrepreneur with five businesses to his name. Two of these businesses include SED industries where he does his work as a consultant and Black Hat Fitness where he focuses on “hacking” the performance nature of his clients. 

Most recently with the new legislation regarding cannabis in Missouri, Ray was hired by Fortuna Security Group to both analyze the regulations for facility security and optimize the secured transport capabilities of their company. He has also worked with other Cannabis cultivators to develop security tactics for their locations, as well as working with dispensaries on security procedures for personnel.

Session Abstract

In his seminar, Ray will cover the terminology and language that the security industry uses to help give a better understanding of the regulations put out in 19 CSR 30-95.040(4)(H).

He will also give an overall simplified understanding on exactly what each facility will have to have in place to meet the requirements for security set out by the state.

Furthermore he will talk about the types of security and how to ensure the safe and secured transport of your product to its destination.