Jennifer Germano

ICS Consulting Service

Session Title: Operating Under the Microscope: Preparing for Cannabis Regulation in your Licensed Facility

Time: July 24th, 3:30 PM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Jennifer Germano began working in the Colorado Marijuana Industry in 2009 after she transitioned over from working in commercial kitchens for 23 years in the restaurant industry.

She worked her way from the ground floor through every employee and management position in medical dispensaries to the level of director of operations of a multi-million dollar retail dispensary and cultivation operation in 2014.

Jennifer is a long-time industry vet, witnessing the industry in Colorado going from an unregulated wild, wild, west in 2009 to the strictly regulated market of 2019. This experience has taught her the importance of implementing, understanding regulation and protocol.
She is an advocate for employees and compliance. Compliance education is at the top of her list of passionate things she cares about in the Cannabis Industry as a whole. Jennifer understands the commitment that is required when working with all employees and understands the value of leading and championing them to strive to be their best.

In 2015 Jennifer founded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in the industry to an owner of a compliance focused consulting business. ICS specializes in compliance-based services, such as third-party State regulatory audits, State and local license application support, compliance operations training, employee retention solutions, employee onboarding, food safety certifications/ServSafe Instructor, licensed facility build-outs, HR compliance, and Full-Service Dispensary Launches.

Session Abstract

  • How to prepare for compliance during the application phase.
  • Being "compliance proactive" during the build out phases of your business.
  • How to face the constant changes of operating in regulated cannabis.
  • The importance of building relationships during all phases of your cannabis operation.
  • How to create a culture of compliance in your cultivation, production and dispensary operations.
  • Red flags never turn green – putting on your "red flag goggles" and vetting contractors.
  • What are the risks of not adhering to the regulations and maintaining compliance in your operation.
  • Operations “Compliance Best Practices”.
  • How to lean into your processes, letting structure be your foundation for success in your business.
  • How to keep up with regulations and not get overwhelmed.
  • Preventing compliance complacency in your licensed operation.

Jennifer Germano is also on the License Application Crunch Time Panel

July 23rd, 4:30 PM
Seminar Room 1

Never too late to make your application better. CIMP has assembled a highly skilled panel to answer your questions about the Missouri program and the application process. Where to get help, Why to get help, and how understanding and fully embracing the Missouri program will make a better marketplace for all that participate, and create better outcomes for patients that need help.