Sandra Sheils

The Safety Equation
Safety Specialist

Session Title: Regulatory Compliance & Safety Planning

Time: Feb 26th, 4:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

Ms. Sheils, a Safety Specialist, trained through the OSHA Institute of Eastern Michigan University comes with 20 years of Accident Prevention and Risk Reduction expertise, helping employers in all industries capture back $8.00 for every $1.00 spent in safety.

Comprehensive safety programs will: reduce insurance premiums, eliminate regulatory citations/fines and give you the advantages over other business...Safety saves lives, and money.

Ms. Sheils established The Safety Equation with a Mission to provide all-inclusive Occupational Health & Safety Services to as many companies as she could touch. Her “equation for safety” includes risk research analysis, consultative safety services, contract safety services and risk management to all industries. Her experience with insurance, legal, government, and trade organizations will benefit all sectors of cannabis industry.

With the passing of Michigan Proposal 1, citizens and municipalities both are looking for answers on how this Proposal will affect public safety.

The Safety Equation’s belief is that we can do anything, safely. We have put together safety programs both mandatory and voluntary for every aspect of the Cannabis Industry.

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine, investigated industry-specific hazards and their effects on the workforce. The results showed that while workers valued safety, 46% of those in the cannabis industry do not receive training on the biological, chemical and physical hazards to which workers are exposed in every process. Heavy attention is paid to compliance packaging and product control but little is given to Occupational Health & Safety.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance and if we want the very best for the Industry we should expect to include Safety first!

Detailed and Specific Operation services are available for every size organization, every budget.

Establish a Comprehensive Safety Program for your business. If you have 10 employees or more, it’s mandatory. Give yourself the advantage with Safety First!

Session Abstract

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Planning: Take control of the Odds

Applying for any competitive license is a 50/50 gamble with your investment, it’s nearly an All or Nothing bet. The deck is stacked against new Cannabis industry businesses. Learn to stack that deck in your favor and give yourself the competitive advantage.

There is one simple but powerful element to integrate into your operations to make your business stand out. Any phase of business-new or established can have an immediate positive impact to your success and longevity in business through controlling risk. Industry research is showing that less than 50% of Cannabis Industry businesses are operating with Occupational Health & Safety. While the Industry is doing a great job in other areas of compliance, OSHA planning is on tilt.

Learn what tools and elements of a safety program will pay you today and tomorrow. Bank roll back seven times your investment in Safety. Get immediate licensure preference, reduce excessive insurance rates, change community bias, eliminate costly citations, retain employees and secure your businesses success.

When you gamble without safety you bet your life and your business. Bet on your business and Stand Out! with Safety.