Paula Givens

PPi Consulting Group
Medical Marijuana Compliance Attorney

Session Title: Winning Hard to Get Municipal Licenses and Obtaining Cannabis Business Bank Accounts

Professional Summary

Paula Givens oversees daily operations of a cannabis compliance consulting company that guides clients through the hurdles of becoming licensed and operating regulatory compliant cannabis businesses, guiding clients in regulatory compliance and the drafting of related standard operational policies and procedures.

Paula leverages her years in the cannabis industry to counsel medical cannabis start-ups on issues of regulatory compliance, licensing, and human resources. She wrote the Number 7 Scoring Cultivation/Extraction Application in Ohio (Terradiol) in addition to writing the Number 6 Scoring Application for a Vertical in New York (NYCanna)! She also wrote an authorized Dispensary Application in Illinois for The Green Solution.

Session Abstract

Experienced cannabis industry attorney Paula Givens will discuss her experience winning licenses in municipalities where the licenses are limited in number and issued based on a competitive, merit based scoring system. She wrote 5 out of 14 license applications for Provisioning Centers issued so far and Lansing and four out of four licenses issued in Niles. Her discussion will focus on preparing for the application process and how to make your application plans stand out. She will discuss team building, including use of advisory boards and “the municipal ground game” that she uses to demonstrate community involvement. She will highlight the quality and nature of plans that must be submitted to win these hard to get licenses.

Paula Givens will also discuss how to obtain bank accounts at local banks and credit unions; how to start the process, who to talk to, what to say, what documents to bring and, generally, how to pitch a marijuana business as a bank customer.