Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jennifer Whetzel

Ladyjane Branding

Session Title: Branding 101: Stand out. Sell more.

Time: April 3rd, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

Jennifer Whetzel has boiled down her 25+ years of expertise in branding, marketing, advertising and research for Fortune 500 companies into simple ideas and tools to help entrepreneurs and startups strategically brand their businesses.

Session Abstract

Join Jennifer Whetzel, founder of Ladyjane Branding, to gain a new perspective on branding your cannabis business. Learn the value of a strong brand in a disorganized market and a powerful branding short-cut that you can use at home, and on a budget. This seminar will teach you how to multiply your marketing and advertising efforts using techniques used by Fortune 500 companies.