Jeff Pack

MRX Xtractors
Head of Business Development

Session Title: Panel – Extract Purification: Maximizing the Value of Cannabis Product

Time: April 4th, 1:45 – 2:45 PM
Location: Seminar Room #2

Professional Summary

Jeff Pack heads up business development at MRX Xtractors, a leading extraction systems company based in Oregon. MRX also founded one of the leading testing labs for hemp and cannabis. Pack has a technology background having helped build smartphone accessories maker Griffin Technology. He splits his time between Nashville and Portland.

Session Abstract

So, you want to be an extractor? Learn what it takes to operate a successful extraction facility. The various extraction methods will be reviewed highlighting the benefits of each (CO2, ethanol, hydrocarbon.) The analytics of temperature, pressure, and flow rate will be explored. And post-processing will be addressed as the market for distillates and isolates broadens.

The session will delve into facility setup, equipment and the daily workflow of an extraction operation. Finally, achieving ROI. A time slot for Q&A is included.