Thomas Clancy

Green Growth Brands
Head of Security

Session Title: Integrating Technology within Cannabis Operations for Security, Safety, Production and Regulatory Compliance

Time: Feb 27th, 10:15 AM
Location: Seminar Room #2

Professional Summary

Mr. Clancy has over 30 years of advanced technology experience. He received his Computer Science Degree from Kent State University, and he has been in the advanced technology industry ever since. Tom has specialized in the security industry for over 13 years as President of a large Security Integration Company and while leading his current company. Tom is Head of Security for Green Growth Brands.

Session Abstract


The Vision Statement of any Cannabis Operator should include the secure and consistent cultivation, processing, testing and dispensing of cannabis-based products with the highest attainable yield.

Cannabis Operators will make technology investments that support this secure, high yield Vision, or they will make technology investments that diminish that potential.

This presentation will identify some of the critical decisions which Operators will face while developing their technology roadmaps and describe how to squeeze every benefit out of their technology decisions.

Several layers of technology are designed and implemented by a Cannabis Operator and only those operators who view and integrate these systems in a wholistic manner will truly leverage their technology investments to improve YIELD!

The systems discussed in this presentation include:

  • Security
    • Access Control
    • Surveillance
    • Intrusion
    • Communications
    • Perimeter Control
    • Transport
    • Emergency Notification/Management
    • Vaults
    • Lighting
  • Production
    • Tracking
    • Environmental Control
    • Building Management
    • Reporting
    • Production Surveillance
  • Sales
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Sales Surveillance
    • Seed to Sale
  • IT
    • Networks
    • Wi-Fi
    • Office
    • Phones