Scott Roberts

Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC
Owner and Managing Attorney

Session Title: Michigan Marijuana Microbusinesses: Licensing and Business Strategies

Time: Feb 27th, 11:15 AM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

Scott F. Roberts Law, PLC, is a boutique business, real estate, and regulatory law firm primarily focused on the Michigan Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industries. The Firm’s principal, Mr. Scott F. Roberts, is an accomplished attorney and author who has written extensively on the Michigan Cannabis and Hemp industries. Since its inception, the Firm has focused on helping small to medium sized businesses in Michigan. The Firm currently represents dozens of Marijuana businesses applying for MMFLA licenses, in addition to CBD-focused companies and commercial hemp projects. The Firm’s attorneys are business, real estate and municipal law experts who are laser-focused on assisting and protecting Michigan cannabis and CBD businesses.

The Firm has written extensively on the MMFLA as well as on the effect of the ballot proposal to legalize cannabis in Michigan, with a focus on recreational cannabis licensing, commercial hemp production, and the new category of licenses under the recreational bill—the Microbusiness License. Our goal with each client is to make sure we put them in as best a position as possible to be successful. That means keeping you in total compliance with all state and municipal guidelines, guiding your company through the MMFLA or MRTMA application process, providing practical business advice, and helping you acquire the best real estate for your situation.

Session Abstract

Michigan's Proposition 1 created a new category of Michigan Marijuana businesses - the Microbusiness. Unlike other license types, a Michigan Microbusiness license does not require the applicant have a previous MMFLA facility license. The microbusiness license, which is limited to Michigan residents, allows the licensee to cultivate up to 150 plants, process, and sell direct to the consumer, all under one license.

The presentation will look at the state requirements for microbusiness licenses and the expected licensing requirements to be issued by LARA as well as individual municipalities. Since states such as California and Nevada already have similar laws pertaining to microbusinesses, and Michigan has yet to release the rules governing these license types, the presentation will use these states as guide for what Michigan's rules will likely look like. The presentation will also examine different business models that could be utilized by microbusiness licensees and how to best set up a microbusiness for long-term success.