Ray Myers

Michigan Solar Solutions
Solar Consultant

Session Title: Go Solar. Improving Your Bottom Line; ROI, Tax Credits, & Facility Considerations.

Time: Feb 27th, 10:15 AM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Michigan Solar Solutions was founded in 2007 with a goal of bringing renewable energy to asmany Michigan homes and businesses as possible. We strive to help folks offset their electrical usage through the use of photo voltaic solar panels to help save tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs and do a few cool things for the environment along the way. Since our inception we have installed hundreds of these systems and we continue to see major growth in both our industry and our company year after year.

The main reasons for the great success that MSS has had over the last decade simply boils down to two simple ideas. We get our customers results, and we do business by the golden rule. Every step of the way from consultation, to design, to installation, our main focus is how we can achieve the maximum result for our customers.

Session Abstract

Come join Michigan Solar Solutions for a discussion on how solar electricity can play a key role in improving your bottom line and keeping your operations competitive. We will be overviewing how solar electricity works and integrates with your building, why it makes sense for the marijuana industry, how to finance a project and finally the benefits of installing a solar array. We will be debunking myths about solar electricity’s effectiveness in Michigan as well as providing you with case studies to support the benefits of going solar.

As part of our discussion we will touch on building design considerations as well as growth cycle considerations to help you get the most out of a solar array! We will marry these concepts in our discussion on financing a project through PACE. Furthermore, we will highlight the many benefits of going solar such as improving your bottom line, environmental benefit, marketing benefit, curb appeal, and risk mitigation.