Matthew Hisey

Tier 1 Holdings

Session Title: Banking Alternatives

Time: Feb 27th, 2:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Matthew Hisey and Robert Tramont are specialists in saving business owners and entrepreneurs significant expenses and taxation. Matt grew up in Northeast Ohio with a degree from Baldwin Wallace in Business Finance and Arts Management.

Matt and Bob have over 30 years of combined experience in advanced investing strategies, income planning, risk mitigation and advanced tax strategies. Currently they work with business owners, CPA firms and high income earners to help them greatly reduce their business and tax expenses while creating a high degree of protection for their assets. They have a nationwide team of specialists providing services not normally provided by CPA or Financial Service firms.

Session Abstract

The Cannabis industry as well as the Hemp industry despite the Farm Act of 2018 (2019 Farm Bill as some know it) have been cash dependent businesses that are experiencing challenges with protection of their assets while still keeping them liquid. There are solutions for these challenges as well as creating substantial cost reductions for businesses in the Cannabis/Hemp industries and all supporting industries. CPA firms utilizing Internal Revenue Code 280E, 263A (along with other guidelines) have helped the industry. Now our team has expanded those tax reductions with significant savings and provided remarkably high protection from many losses such as lawsuit, currency fluctuation, stock market fluctuation, portability, industry risk and liquidity to name a few.

We create profit centers while protecting risks inherent to the Cannabis/Hemp industry. Tier 1 and our team is a source unparalleled in this expertise.