John Mackewich

Legal Counsel

Session Title: Get the Weeds out of Your Contracts

Time: Feb 27th, 12:15 PM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

John Mackewich and Jennifer Pope are attorneys at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP who represent clients around the country in the cannabis industry. With years of experience and over 650 attorneys in 24 cities throughout the United States, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP has the resources, experience, and knowledge to help marijuana business owners operate as owners, operators and consultants in the marijuana industry. Our legal team can assist with nearly every facet of the law – from corporate structure to licensing, from intellectual property to product liability, from regulatory oversight to labor and employment.

Session Abstract

Do you have a license or provide services to a licensed operator? How do you protect your interests? While it may seem the chaos has finally come to an end when you receive a license, vendors and operators face a multitude of legal obstacles to remain competitive and compliant in the highly-regulated medical marijuana industry while minimizing their risks. This Q&A session will provide a comprehensive overview of these challenges and offer creative solutions for all types of licensees and vendors. Based on our experience, we will discuss best practices for growing your business while minimizing legal risks.