Jenny-Beth Dills

United Cannabis
Sr. National Sales Manager

Session Title: Surviving Corporate Cannabis: Cultivation Business Management

Time: Feb 26th, 10:15 AM
Location: Seminar Room #2

Professional Summary

Moving to Colorado in early 2012 for the cannabis industry, she has been integral in policy and procedure creation as well as staff development and other leadership roles from the cultivation to the store. Jenny-Beth works as the Senior National Sales Manager for United Cannabis Corporation and operates Kind Wellness Consulting, where she provides comprehensive business development and compliance solutions to the cultivations she works with. Jenny-Beth is passionate about empowering businesses to succeed in this tumultuous industry by focusing on staff development, compliance, and profitability through process.

Marrying 10 years of cultivation experience with a lengthy career in operations management and staff development, Jenny-Beth can speak, consult, and advise to the full spectrum from cultivation, distribution, sales, and marketing. She is very well versed in the MED laws and can help navigate within the legal frameworks of each state. Jenny also has established deep and wide relationships throughout the industry allowing her to aid in sourcing everything from genetics to processing.

Session Abstract

The surviving corporate cannabis series focuses on empowering owners to operate successful companies and navigate the ever changing regulated industry. In the Cultivation Business Management session we address some of the most overlooked aspects of running a successful cultivation such as staff development and training needs, process development and implementation, management structure and hiring the right candidates, as well as how to avoid costly mistakes in both process and compliance.

This session is intended to highlight the most commonly overlooked aspects of business management and is designed to call attention to these issues and offer reasonable solutions to some of the most detrimental oversights. We will address why it is so important to properly manage the business side of your grow, examples of how mismanagement has negatively affected facilities, how to become (and remain) up to date with ever changing regulations, and how to not only survive but thrive in Corporate Cannabis.