Hillary Womboldt

Awaekn Creative
Joint Owner

Session Title: Business Building Through Enhanced User Experience and Branding

Time: Feb 27th, 4:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Awaekn Creative was founded by Brandy VanGessel and Hillary Womboldt to elevate brands in the cannabis space, using innovative experiential design. Combined, they have 15 years experience, a multidisciplinary skillset, and a modern approach to design. Experience with top brands such as, Steelcase, Coachella, Marriott, Detroit Lions, and Michigan State University.

Session Abstract

User stories are a way to design with the end user in mind. Using a combination of experiential marketing and game development techniques, learn how to secure brand loyalty through experiences. In this session, discover ways to engage customers both in-store and out.


  • 1. Introduction
    • Brandy and Hillary background
  • 2. Who’s your customer?
    • John (demographic type 1)
    • Jane (demographic type 2)
  • 3. User Stories
    • What is a user story?
    • Examples
  • 4. User Stories in Action
    • First impressions
      • Example 1
      • Example 2
    • Retail
      • Example 1
      • Checkout
  • 5. How to get started
  • 6. Questions & Answer