Grady Emmons

Precision Risk Management Group

Session Title: Cannabis Secured Transport

Time: Feb 27th, 4:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #2

Professional Summary

Grady has spent his 25-year career actively involved in protective services. His experience covers everything from law enforcement to private sector protection, security, and investigations.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Saginaw Valley State University, he earned a Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence & Analysis from Michigan State University. Grady has continued to expand his security credentials, achieving the Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) qualification with honors from Executive Security International (ESI). Grady has also been awarded the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Grady has put his training and education into action over the course of his career, conducting missions and organizing investigations across the United States and overseas. He has managed multiple projects in executive protection, investigations, intelligence gathering, surveillance, workplace violence prevention, labor dispute security, and secure transport. He also spent 3 years as a background
investigator for the federal government.

Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG) has entered the marijuana industry under the banner Marijuana Security Operations (MSO) to provide top quality security officers, background investigations, security plans, and secure transport services to Michigan businesses licensed under the MMFLA.

Session Abstract

This presentation will focus on the secure transportation of cannabis products under the Michigan Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). Attendees will receive a review of the following:

  • When and why another MMFLA licensee will need a Secure Transporter.
  • Licensing and operational requirements set forth by the MMFLA and accompanying administrative rules.
  • What you should expect from a professional Secure Transporter.
  • How the speaker believes that Cannabis Secure Transport should be done and the business model that his company has adopted.