Dr. Evan Litinas

Session Title: Expert Panel – The Future of Medical Cannabis in Michigan Following Legalization

Time: Feb 26th, 11:15 AM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

Dr. Evan Litinas is the Chief Medical Officer at Om of Medicine. He received his medical doctorate from Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine and his MBA with a focus in healthcare management from Quinlan School of Business. Dr. Litinas has done research and is a published author in the fields of Neuroscience, Hematology and most recently in collaboration with the University of Michigan in the field of Cannabis with an emphasis on pain and opiate use. As the CMO of Om, Dr. Litinas is a resource for our patients and their families. He has an active role in helping and educating patients on strategies for cannabis consumption aiming for best possible outcomes as well as educating healthcare professionals on the scientific evidence for cannabis and its use in the clinical practice.

Session Abstract

This panel will evaluate the current medical market and discuss how legalization for adult-use will change this market over time. What are the questions that operators need to ask themselves to determine if the medical space makes sense for their facilities? How can companies achieve a competitive sustainable advantage in the medical space through in-house development combined with collaboration and licensing?