David Rozanski

Rozbud Consulting
Chief Executive Officer

Session Title: Cannabis Business Planning; From Licensing to Long Term Strategic Goals

Time: Feb 26th, 3:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

David Rozanski is CEO of Rozbud Consulting and has more than 10 years of experience between business consulting and law. David is a proud Michigan native who obtained his Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University after graduating from the University of Michigan – Flint Campus with a dual major in economics and political science. After successfully working for a variety of companies and firms, including Quicken Loans and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, David decided to utilize his diverse skillset by joining the exciting and rapidly growing legal cannabis industry.

David began his career working for his mother’s small business management consulting firm. David’s mother, Ursula Rozanski, mentored him by leveraging her decades of experience in upper management roles for companies like HP and Unisys. As a result, David learned how to provide innovative solutions to strategic challenges across a wide range of industries and functional capabilities. David grew his own book of business for the firm before attending graduate school and acquiring new areas of expertise from numerous high-level career opportunities. David has come full circle by starting his own consulting firm focused on helping legal cannabis businesses navigate difficult regulatory and licensing requirements, in addition to offering management consulting services.

David’s passion is derived from not only helping others to solve business related issues, but also from helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In the emerging market of legal cannabis, David is determined to make a difference as both a staunch advocate and a leader of innovative strategies for cannabis-related businesses.

Session Abstract

In the ultra-regulated and chaotic industry of cannabis, having a solid business plan separates successful cannabis facility owners from failures that can destroy entrepreneurial dreams. Managing a licensed cannabis business involves a number of factors that can quickly overwhelm even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. Without planning and executing a battle-tested strategy, many new enterprises in the Michigan market will fail, as they have in more mature cannabis markets. The secret to winning is thinking strategically about all areas of the business and having an adaptable plan that can serve as a framework for the entire enterprise as it scales up over time.

In this session led by David Rozanski, CEO of Rozbud Consulting, attendees will learn about the important functional areas any cannabis business owner or entrepreneur will need to master quickly. This session is appropriate for anyone looking to enter the industry or learn more about how to be successful and think strategically about business opportunities in the cannabis sector. David will take a holistic approach to examining functional areas of a cannabis enterprise, so attendees walk away understanding how all areas of the business operate synergistically. The discussion will include everything from obtaining licenses to forming an appropriate exit strategy, which every business should have before it ever goes to market.

The education provided by this session will not only serve as a foundation for other sessions that are narrower in scope but will also help bridge the gap that can otherwise lead to siloed departments for larger companies. Successful outcomes depend on the right plan executed properly over short-term and long-term timelines, as this session will explain.