Colton Griffin

Flourish Software
Chief Executive Officer

Session Title: Elevating Your Business with Integrated Supply Chain Management

Time: Feb 27th, 2:15 PM
Location: Seminar Room #1

Professional Summary

Colton started his career at Manhattan Associates, a market leader in best-of-breed supply chain software. As a consultant specializing in business intelligence and data analytics for supply chain applications, he helped dozens of companies optimize their operations. He moved onto Genuine Parts Company (Fortune #177) where he built and managed a reporting platform for dozens of distribution center operations as well as corporate inventory optimization and trade management systems. He decided to start a consulting practice focused on this discipline and ultimately founded WMSight to build a Saas analytics platform for distribution center operations. Flourish was born from this endeavor. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BS in Industrial Engineering.

Session Abstract

The over-reliance on Excel spreadsheets is a continuing issue. When it comes to harnessing the power of technology, supply chain digitization is vital to stay competitive for cannabis businesses in today’s age. The process of moving to a digitized business means providing new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Unfortunately, despite the clear benefits of digitization, supply chain management has fallen behind.

A better understanding of digitalization technologies and their benefits could help with accuracy as well as the availability of data and reporting to create better planning platforms and production programs, effectively manage inventory, ship and track the product, and even manage personnel. This session will discuss best practices for attendees to plan an effective digital transformation of a supply chain in a rapidly growing cannabis market.