Clint Buchner


Session Title: Advanced Manufacturing Methods - Spray Drying For The Cannabis Industry

Time: Feb 27th, 3:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #3

Professional Summary

As the President of EnviroStar, Clint is fortunate enough to lead a team of engineering professionals that collectively have more than 100 years of spray drying experience. For the past year, Clint and the team have focused their experience exclusively on spray drying support for the Cannabis industry.

Clint’s contribution to the team comes in the form of 25 years of engineering experience in a variety of industrial drying processes. In addition to ownership of several spray drying patents, Clint brings a history of leadership results to the team.

Clint holds a BSME from the University Of Minnesota and certifications in a variety of specializations ranging from process improvement methodologies to nuclear physics.

Session Abstract

We will discuss why CBD powders should be a part of your new product development strategy and how you can leverage spray drying technology to produce a high quality product.

We will touch on each step of the value-stream from oil extraction to finished powder and illuminate considerations that should be given at each process step.

Finally, we will summarize a systematic approach to producing a powder that functions the way your customer wants it to.