Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Mark Richardson

Planet Earth Creations

Session Title: Optimizing Commercial Growing Operations for Productivity & Cost Savings with Organic Nutrients

Time: Feb 26th, 3:00 PM
Location: Seminar Room #2

Professional Summary

Mark Richardson started as the Directing Business Development Consultant and is now the Chief Science Officer and Chief Executive Officer for Planet Earth Creations, Inc., a company specializing in the manufacture of premium natural and organic based fertilizers, compost teas, foliar sprays, pesticides and fungicides for use throughout the horticultural, agricultural, agronomy and home gardening industries. Mark has been with the company since January 2016 and in that time has been instrumental in launching the company website, recreating the product labels to comply with multistate requirements, negotiating with and signing regional, national, and international distributors and is in continued negotiations with multiple other organizations. Since Q2 ‘16 the signed distributors have purchased in excess of $450,000 in products and are being very aggressive in the to-market strategies. In addition, Mark has worked with marketing staff to recognize expanded sales markets that they are directing additional energies into. Mark has also been working directly with Joe Elia to develop new and unique products to keep their development pipeline full for the
months and years to come.

Mark garnered his knowledge of the gardening industries through a three-fold process of understanding. Firstly, he was reared in a rural farming community in southeast Missouri and worked on many of these farms including the medium sized family farm where he was raised. Secondly, he has over 20 years of cultivation experience which is very heavy with natural and organic processes. Thirdly, over the previous five (5) years Mark held the Director of Operations and Management position with Hydro Giant – Indoor Garden Supply retail chain. During his time with Hydro Giant he became fully immersed in understanding the indoor gardening industry, its clients, vendors and multitude of processes.

When Mark took over the inner-workings of the Hydro Giant stores, a two-year-old company at the time, the magnitude of existing failure was astounding and initially hidden. The following are only a few issues that existed: credit card fraud at 11%, inventory misappropriations at 16%, profit margin at 15% and gross sales combined for all four stores was $1M +/-, the sales amount is difficult to say because, at least, one of the stores was only using the POS on some of the sales. During the first year in this position; through employee reassignment and replacement, rewriting almost every policy, initiating a progressive inventory program and teaching in-depth sales techniques to the retail staff he was able to decrease credit card fraud to less than 1%, eliminate theft almost completely, increase the profit margin to greater than 35% and at the end of the fourth year after implementing all of the changes the gross sales for that year were $7.5M. Considering this to be a successful completion of his agreement with Hydro Giant, Mark moved on to working with other clients and Planet Earth Creations is currently his primary client.

Mark gained his corporate sales, development and retail training background working in the aggressive sales world of the wireless industry for eighteen (18) years. Starting off with Air Touch, which became Verizon, he honed his skills in direct business sales and account management. He later transitioned over to Nextel becoming an indirect account manager and certified corporate trainer. After a time, he was recruited to be Director of Sales and Operations by All-Star Wireless and five years later by Coastal Communications to be the Director of Sales and Management. During his career in the wireless industry, due to having the highest closing national average, Mark consistently was listed among the winners of the National Top 10 Sales award, President’s Sales Award for direct as well as indirect sales and President’s Council Award for direct business and indirect sales.

In addition to having multiple corporate training certificates in the wireless industry Mark has graduated from Michigan State University with his M.S. in Human Anatomy and a dual B.S. in both Human Physiology and Molecular Biology, a shared B.S. in Biology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Louis University as well as a dual B.A. from Mineral Area College in both Business Finance and Business Administration – Emphasis in Efficiency.

Session Abstract

  • Fertilizer & Cultivating Basics
  • Organic vs Synthetic – What they do and what they don’t
  • Expanded explanation of Organic ingredients: What they are & what they do
  • Fertilizers Impact on Pesticides & Fungicides
  • Organic vs Synthetic – How they affect the plant
  • Planet Earth Creations; What makes us experts?
  • Planet Earth Creations products