Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Stevan Bratic

Bratic Enterprises, LLC
Managing Director/Sole Proprietor and Owner

Session Title: Optimizing Indoor and/or Greenhouse Cannabis Grow Operation with a focus on Energy & Sustainability

Professional Summary

Stevan is involved in all aspects of the company’s operations, as well as being actively involved with all cannabis related projects from the build/design and development of the grow process, system and environment to the occupancy and/or production flow. Stevan has almost fifteen years of experience he is bring from his past in purchasing, operations in the automotive manufacturing environment with Tier 1 supply base and OEM capacity. Stevan took his knowledge from the automotive and expanded his experiences by starting Bratic Enterprises in 2000 within the LED industry for the automotive. Over time, Stevan progressed the company into the commercial and industrial lighting markets building LED circuit boards and sustained growth into the Horticultural, Agricultural and Cannabis markets with LED Grow lights, while realizing the need for a more cost-effective and sustainable energy solution by adding Greenhouses, Micro-Grid systems, controls, vertical racking systems, and destratification to the offerings of the company for continued value-add offerings to his customers. Stevan’s goal is to offer the best in class energy efficient and sustainable solution at the most competitive price in the market. 

Session Abstract