Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Sebastian Nassau

Harvest 360 Technologies
Chief of Business Development

Session Title: Community Engagement as a Means of Success

Professional Summary

A well-known industry leader and startup addict, Sebastian works with dispensaries, infused product companies, and service-based/value-adding companies that make or have potential to make the most distinct impact in the cannabis marketplace. Since the onset of recreational cannabis, his work has ranged from helping to launch multiple industry success stories to being recognized as a thought-leader in bridging local culture and cannabis.

Through coast-to-coast relationships with those at the forefront of the industry, clients are offered access to high-impact networks to propel them in all stages. Sebastians background in Sociology and Intercultural Communication allows him to excel in the development of brand messaging through the study of company culture and how it interacts within an extremely diverse consumer-base. His specialties are new business development, strategic planning, team building, customer acquisition & retention, project management, B2B marketing, community outreach, and innovative and disruptive market solutions.

To date, he has helped over 80 different industry-related companies in all stages of development hack their growth.

Session Abstract

This panel will focus on how community engagement is pivotal to both securing and maintaining licensed cannabis operations. With both a state-based and international focus, we will discuss how to work in alignment with the surrounding community to ensure the success and longevity of cannabis business licenses, as well as accelerating operational success.