Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Rod Brady

Chief Operating Officer

Session Title: “Harness The Sun” Choosing the Right Grow Lights – Cannabis Grow Lights 101

Professional Summary

Greetings all, I am Rod Brady. I was born in Lutcher, Louisiana in 1971 and raised in Norco, the heart of the River Parishes. I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the United States and lived in Wisconsin for about 20 years. There I started a small catering company centered around Cajun food that eventually lead to a restaurant and full-blown catering service. I am 48 years old and father to 3 beautiful daughters and “paw paw” to one little munchkin. I am extremely passionate about family and family values. I love to spend time in the outdoors or entertaining and cooking of large groups of people.I am the Chief Operating Officer at Cultilux, the leading CMH lamp manufacturer in the industry. I have numerous successes to my name in the corporate world, but this endeavor will likely go down as my all-time greatest business accomplishment. Like most of us I started my venture in the cannabis world in the black market. I have 20 plus years of growing experience and 15 plus years of medicating under my belt. Recent years of law changes and legislation have now created an opportunity for me in an industry I extremely passionate about.

Session Abstract

Cultilux is a subsidiary of Z Light Technology. A provider of all forms of lighting in every industry imaginable worldwide. About 3 years ago Z Light decided to expand into the horticulture lighting industry with the first ever 1000w Ceramic Metal Halide grow lamp. Much like everyone manufacturing CMH in the horticulture lighting industry we had our fair share of failures until my inception as C.O.O.

In a very short amount of time we are changing the lighting game in the cannabis industry. There are many different factors as to why this is happening. A high CRI, Full Spectrum lighting and the highest plant safe levels of UV are just a few reasons why. My goal with Cultilux is to introduce a newer lighting option to the horticulture industry that produces results unlike anything we have ever seen before. I truly have a passion for making gardens better everywhere. Happy Growing!!!