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Michael Webb

Legally Mine

Session Title: Keys to Lawsuit Prevention, Medical License Protection & Tax Savings

Professional Summary

Michael P. Webb comes from Orem, Utah and built a company which he ran for 21 years. After selling that business, Michael has spent the last 14 years consulting on various projects as well as training with different education companies in the world of entrepreneurs. Michael understands what it takes to run a small business.

He recently joined the Legally Mine team after recognizing the need for greater Asset Protection education for Medical Professionals. Mike also owns a cannabis operation in Santa Cruz, CA, and is very well versed in the cannabis industry.

Session Abstract

Learn how to structure your practice for lawsuit protection and prevention, how to protect your professional and personal assets from lawsuits, reduce your malpractice insurance costs, how to protect your retirement plans from judgements and seizures, and how to minimize vicarious liability for the acts of other professionals and staff.

Upon completion of this presentation, the attendees will know how to:

  1. Maintain the focus of their medical practice on improved patient care rather than malpractice defense.
  2. Structure their practices for lawsuit protection and prevention, improving overall operations management of the practice.
  3. Protect practice and professional assets from lawsuits through applied risk management techniques, improving and enhancing fiscal efficiency.
  4. Understand basic practice management tools that can help increase practice revenue as well as decrease unnecessary loss of revenue also improving and enhancing fiscal efficiency.