Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

John Courtney

Johnson Controls

Session Title: Navigating Security and Building Solutions Requirements in the Florida Cannabis Industry

Professional Summary

I moved down to Florida from Hilton Head, South Carolina 8 years ago. I began work with Johnson Controls this year. Over the past decade, I’ve followed changes in cannabis legislation closely as the industry continues to expand and define itself. As a representative of Johnson Controls, I now find myself in a position to be a part of this exciting and emerging industry. By becoming a trusted source for information related to starting new business in the Florida cannabis industry, and having the resources offered by a company like Johnson Controls, it’s my plan to work hand in hand with new business navigating the often overwhelming mandates set forth by both insurance companies and the state. I wish to help others make informed, effective, and cost-sensitive decisions when developing their businesses by showing how security, access control, video, inventory management, fire safety and HVAC technology has evolved over the years, and how it relates to current and upcoming legislation. All of this is in an effort to ensure new business owners can take full advantage of existing technology to provide a safe, functional and practical building solution to not just attain licensing, but to protect and monitor their investments on a daily basis.

Session Abstract

The primary focus of the presentation will revolve around how Johnson Controls can be a powerful asset. As a building solutions provider, JCI has a unique advantage in the industry. With expert capability at both commercial and enterprise level, JCI is able to design and provide not just the security solutions needed in the cannabis industry, but the fire safety and climate control side as well. Additionally, we’re able to utilize powerful integration technologies to ensure pinpoint accuracy and communication between security, access control, video, inventory management, fire safety, and climate control systems. The potential to fully utilize these integrated technologies in this emergent industry is overwhelming. Applications range from essential installs, meant to strictly fulfill legislative requirements to highly advanced and energy efficient integrated solutions, all able to be remotely managed from a smartphone. The best part of what Johnson Controls offers? We grow with you. Operating nationwide, as your company expands, so can your security - with the ability to interconnect different buildings across the nation, allowing management from a single location, and all through the same, trusted name – Johnson Controls.