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Theo Marth

Infuzed Cannabis
Founder / Consultant

Session Title: Infused Products Manufacturing: Factors to Consider

Professional Summary

Theo Marth is a consultant whose passion and expertise in cannabis extraction/infused product manufacturing has assisted businesses and individuals around the world.

Originally from Chicago, Theo graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and jumped on the opportunity to join the legal cannabis industry in Denver, CO. Once joining a startup grow/extraction/infused products manufacturing company, Theo quickly proved his value, taking on multiple roles in all aspects of the business. As lab director, Theo established his expertise by implementing new technologies, developing new products/procedures, and increasing scale during rapid growth.

Recognizing a demand for quality information, Theo started Infuzed in 2018 to help businesses get started and stay competitive in this rapidly growing industry.

Session Abstract

Theo Marth, of Infuzed Cannabis Consulting, will be discussing the importance of proper equipment choices for various types of cannabis and infused products manufacturing. When starting a cannabis business, it is imperative to not only understand your target market but also produce those target products efficiently. Theo will break down some of the most popular products on the market and give suggestions on which extraction/infusion techniques are best utilized.

Topics covered include: Keys to Success, Pros vs. Cons of Various Extraction Methods, Infused Product Demand, Cost, and Profitability.