Mike Lisek


Session Title: Panel – Cannabis Business Strategies

Professional Summary

Mike Lisek is the founder of althea.solutions, a virtual training platform uniquely built for the cannabis industry and a firm believer that there is no greater asset to a business than its employees. Mike’s work is dedicated to strengthening that asset and business performance through modern learning experiences driven by motivational design and powerful engagement.

His background includes social impact investing in education technology, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and retail & customer service training. He has supported the growth of over 14 edtech startups through his work for the Michelson Runway Edtech Accelerator and developed an initiative for a free educational course for entrepreneurs as lead project manager for the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property (MIIP). The course is now being used in over 150 universities nationwide and has reached over 25K students.

Althea.solutions’ mission is to build and improve the skills & experience needed for better business practices and empowering employees to reach their full potential. Custom built, althea.solutions tailors each training program to the needs and issues the business is facing with engaging content, an interactive design, and impressive learning capabilities tried and tested in the higher education, continued learning, and entrepreneurial spaces.

Past speaking engagements include the congressionally-chartered National Entrepreneurship Week, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the Digital Media Educators Conference, and the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.

Session Abstract

As a result of the recently adopted Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act, Illinois will be issuing a limited number of new adult use cannabis business licenses. This panel will discuss and answer questions around the intersection of the regulations of these new licenses, user needs, operation, marketing and legal strategies. Mr. Patt will speak to various Illinois licensing and Insurance scenarios, Mr. Lisek, will focus on discussions around user experience and best retail practices, Ms Springer, will address operation and marketing requirements, with Mr. Shapiro anchoring the panel with a deep understanding of local zoning regulations, state licensing requirements, and how to overcome obstacles in leasing or purchasing real estate for cannabis use in order to have the best chance of opening a cannabis business.