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Mike Lee

Northern Weathermakers HVAC Inc

Session Title: Creating a Climate for Success

Professional Summary

Michael Lee joined Northern Weathermakers HVAC Inc. in 1987. Throughout his 28 year career with Northern, Mike has been responsible for a number of operational roles, including; Service Division Manager, VP of Service and VP of Construction and Building Automation.

Mike was appointed President of Northern Weathermakers HVAC Inc. and its subsidiary, N-Control Inc., in January 2009. Mike is responsible for combining the strength and resources of all Northern Weathermakers businesses and divisions and leading a charge into all technology and energy management areas associated with HVAC.

Session Abstract

Temperature and humidity are two of the biggest factors in a successful cannabis harvest.

Your HVAC system is supposed to give you good control of these. But sometimes things can slip out of your control.  Too hot and plants wilt. Too humid and they mold. And you could be facing both issues in different parts of the same field!

This session focuses on the biggest climate control mistakes—and missed opportunities—that affect too many cannabis growers. You’ll get an actionable list of “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to designing and maintaining the environment for a quality, higher yield crop.