Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Martin Taylor


Session Title: Panel – Cultivating Medical Cannabis; Best Practices

Professional Summary

Attended and graduated Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture. Emphasis while studying was sustainable growing systems and resource management. Learned about the many types of irrigation and which ones are most effective for each application/crop. 

Moved to Denver Colorado and began working in the cannabis industry as a grow tech/irrigation tech. Learned a lot more about the actual cannabis plants and its specific needs. Worked in several different facilities and practiced a lot of different watering methods ranging from handwatering, drip irrigation, ebb and flow, and others. 

Founded DripRight in 2017 after spending some time developing the HydroLock Covered Irrigation system. DripRight specializes in supplying its flagship product, HydroLock, to home growers, indoor commercial, and outdoor commercial. We currently have 3 sizes for different plants. Cannabis was the inspiration for HydroLock, but the product works great for many other crops including hops, tomatoes, blueberries, peppers and others. 

DripRight provides turn-key irrigation solutions for small and large cannabis facilities. Our systems can be manually operated all the way up to Wifi controlled from anywhere in the world.

Session Abstract