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Kareem Kenyatta

Zack Stamp, Ltd.
Government Relations Executive

Session Title: Panel – Illinois Licensing Application; The Social Justice Implications of House Bill 1438

Professional Summary

Mr. Kareem Kenyatta is a seasoned Cannabis advocate, his prior work with the Marijuana Policy Project helped shape HB1438, particularly the social equity article. Mr. Kenyatta has nearly a decade of experience working with the Illinois Legislature.

He currently serves as a Government Relations Executive with Zack Stamp, LTD. Prior to his current role, he served as Director of Legislative Affairs for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. As Legislative Director, he implemented and coordinated a comprehensive legislative strategy for the Attorney General during each legislative session. In addition to direct legislative advocacy, these strategies often included message, media, and public relations components, as well as interfacing with government officials on the State, federal, and local levels. In addition, Mr. Kenyatta worked for the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives’ Research and Budget Office, where he represented the Speaker and House members in negotiations on legislation, budget appropriations, and public policy initiatives. In this capacity, he also managed the appropriation process for a number of state agencies and regional authorities.

Session Abstract

Beginning January 1, 2020 residents of Illinois will legally be permitted to purchase, consume, and grow cannabis. The panelists will discuss the uniqueness of the Cannabis Social Equity program and give an in-depth analysis of the various opportunities and eligibility requirements for participants to invest into eligible companies, including case studies of Multi-State-Operators.