Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jim Andrasic

Precision Color Graphics / Specialty Packaging Technologies / American Pouch Converters

Session Title: Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

Professional Summary

Jim is the Co-Founder and COO of American Pouch Converters and an NCIA Committee Member.

Except for a 14-year career in the United States Marines, Jim was born and bred in the packaging industry. His focus and vision for American Pouch Converters was to build a solutions-centric pouch converter, as well as be an educator in the packaging industry. Amongst other things, Jim is credited with the creation of the Intelli-Pouch ™, which is an intelligent consumer engagement, track and trace, anti-counterfeit, child resistant (optional) and brand authentication pouch option. American Pouch Converters is at the forefront of Child Resistant pouching and was one of the first US companies to manufacturer a child resistant pouch for cannabis. You’ll find Jim to be passionate, down to earth, innovative in his approach and moving at a high-octane pace. His unique look at cannabis packaging and the innovation he brings to the table has made APC the leader in child resistant packaging for cannabis. He studied at UW-Milwaukee with a discipline in Manufacturing and Process Engineering. Jim is passionate about everything in his life: family, the out of doors, the veterans he mentors, and our industry.

Session Abstract

Learn how APC operates within 34 different market spaces to serve nationwide cannabis brands. APC is one of the first U.S. packaging manufacturers to fully support the packaging needs of U.S. cannabis companies. They are now the largest CR Pouch manufacturer in North America and an NCIA Committee Member.

Cannabis packaging has come a long way and the regulations can make this a difficult endeavor for any brand. Cannabis (as with all pharmaceuticals, OTC’s, and regulated products) is a complicated product, market, commercial channel, and supply chain. This space, as with ethical drugs, is not for everyone and the challenges that come with this growing, dynamic market are vast and unforgiving.

Join Jim Andrasic of American Pouch Converters as he covers the timeline of past, current and future challenges of packaging for the cannabis space. From being one of the very first domestic manufacturers of child resistant packaging for cannabis, to where APC is today… and beyond.