Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jason Lang

RHP Risk Management

Session Title: Are You Prepared? Health & Safety Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Professional Summary

Jason Lang is board-certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and safety professional (CSP) who has worked in the field of Health & Safety consulting for 10 years.  Prior to his career as an Industrial Hygienist, Mr. Lang worked in the construction industry as an electrician and carpenter.  He was trained as an industrial hygienist at Purdue University.  Mr. Lang currently works with clients in many industries, including the cannabis industry, to aid in achieving and maintaining OSHA and State regulatory compliance and solving site specific issues and client concerns. He does this by performing Health & Safety site assessments and audits, monitoring employee exposures to chemicals and other hazards, providing up to date Health & Safety employee training, and by assessing laboratory compliance.

Session Abstract

The Cannabis Industry is highly regulated. Laws vary from State to State and seem to change regularly. What about laws regarding the Health & Safety of workers? What is OSHA and do they have jurisdiction over Cannabis businesses? As an owner of a Cannabis business, you are responsible to provide a healthy and safe work environment for all of your employees. This includes having compliant Health & Safety policies and procedures, employee training, knowing what chemical and other hazards your employees are exposed to, and adequately controlling those exposures. Health & Safety compliance can be an overwhelming task and many business owners employ the “head in the sand” approach and hope that “nothing bad happens.” This presentation will provide information on what is needed to begin the work toward OSHA and State Health & Safety compliance by identifying the most important OSHA policies and employee training required, the most common types of hazards that exit in Cannabis facilities, methods of controlling these hazards, and the use of personal protective equipment and respirators. After taking in the information provided in this presentation, Cannabis business owners and managers will have the information that they can take back and work to implement in order to achieve compliance and work towards keeping their employees healthy and safety.