Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Greg Eisenbeis

Grow Remote

Session Title: Panel – Cannabis Facility Technology

Professional Summary

Greg Eisenbeis has been in the Industrial Automation industry for 15+ years and is the President of Grow Remote. He has served industries like solar cell production, energy production, T3 data center cooling, large-scale indoor growing control systems, and more.

Greg started in the Cannabis industry in 2015 offering wireless sensors and monitoring. Since then they started integrating almost every imaginable device/system in a facility into one common control / management system. Greg and his company currently are helping companies lower their capex, and reducing major labor pains that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Going the distance, they are now offering fully complete growing facilities with state of the art technologies driving energy consumption down by 40%, putting client in the long game of potentially being acquired by big pharma. Thisopens the door to being GMP certified and FDA ready. Don't be one of the 80% of facilities that get shut down when MJ goes legal nationwide because they won't be able to comply.

Session Abstract