Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Ezra Pryor

Heidolph North America

Session Title: Extract Purification: Making Your Cannabis Product as Valuable as Possible

Professional Summary

Ezra advised companies and individuals how to improve their extraction and purification methods in his capacity as a consultant before taking a job at Heidolph North America. At Heidolph, as Applied Markets Specialist, he helps people use premium equipment for the refinement and purification of cannabis extracts.

Session Abstract

Often the extraction process focuses more on the initial steps of extraction with little insight into how the final product is supposed to look and taste. The purification and refinement steps of extraction is where the product is really made valuable.

Will cover the various techniques that are used to refine and purify cannabis extracts and how one can make their product as valuable as possible. Subtopics will include, winterization, chromatography, crystallization, filtration and more…