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Dustin Klein

Sun Valley Health
Sun Valley Co-Founder

Session Title: A Proven Strategy for Starting a Cannabis Business with Limited Regulations & Low Investment

Professional Summary

The couple behind Sun Valley have a long history of witnessing and advocating the benefits of medical cannabis. Living with psoriatic arthritis and attending college in Colorado, one of the founders got his medical card in 2005 and has experienced the certification process more than a dozen times to stay legal. A lifelong advocate of medical marijuana and a serial entrepreneur, when he and his wife moved to Arizona, they were outraged to see that there was little or no clinical process to getting a card: most clinics were lacking professionalism, organization, and did not focus on patient care. This was the spark that lit the flame...

That fire was stoked by the loss of his mother and father within eighteen months of each other. Lost to pancreatic cancer and ALS, two diseases with numerous clinical trials that have demonstrated the benefits of cannabis. However, his parents were both dedicated federal employees and never consented to try it. So wanting to help patients like his parents, and with his wife's 15 year career experience in managing medical practices, the founders of Sun Valley built their first clinic in 2013 with the money they had saved for their honeymoon...

Since that time, they have grown their practice in Arizona to five locations, serving over 15% of all Arizona medical marijuana patients, and have opened clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to certifying over 75,000 patients and counting, Sun Valley has recently launched the first and only legitimate franchise model in the ancillary cannabis industry, and their own CBD company, Sun Valley Science.

Session Abstract

Turning $10,000 into $5,000,000 in the cannabis industry without ever touching the plant!

Learn how one couple took their honeymoon savings and turned it into Sun Valley Health, a public company with the nations first cannabis based franchise model.

  • Our humble beginnings
  • Early investors
  • Growing pains
  • Launching the first cannabis franchise model
  • Merging with a public company
  • The secret to our success