Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

David Serrano

Harvest 360 Technologies
Chief Operating Officer

Session Title: Panel - Illinois Licensing Application; The Social Justice Implications of House Bill 1438

Professional Summary

A serial social entrepreneur and industry advocate, David began his passionate journey with cannabis by extracting and infusing cannabis products for his mother. He has since studied and directed in almost every sector of the industry, from energy production, business incubators, cultivations, to sales channel development. David brings a wealth of insights from his nationwide engagements to compartmentalize industry operations and craft a thoughtful, disruptive, and evidence-based comprehensive business plan. He leverages skills in management advisement from his prior military career that earned him multiple commendations and awards for reduction of waste and processing times, to exceptional administrative turnarounds.

Through his work, he has built global relationships that range from global leaders, to multi-market distribution channels to help businesses build toward an international impact, specifically in Europe and South America.

Session Abstract

Beginning January 1, 2020 residents of Illinois will legally be permitted to purchase, consume, and grow cannabis. The panelists will discuss the uniqueness of the Cannabis Social Equity program and give an in-depth analysis of the various opportunities and eligibility requirements for participants to invest into eligible companies, including case studies of Multi-State-Operators.