Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Cliff Breslow

Honeywell Industrial Safety
Regional Sales Manager

Session Title: Gas Detection Solutions for the Cannabis Manufacturing Industry

Professional Summary

Cliff Breslow is a gas detection expert with a proven track record of helping manufacturers around the world design life safety systems that protect their people and plant assets. His career began with MDA Scientific in 1991, and spanned over two decades, as the company was acquired by Zellweger Analytics and later, Honeywell. His gas detection expertise covers many industries including: Semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cells, petrochemical, specialty chemical, wastewater, energy, and cannabis.

Cliff has worked with some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He spent five years living in Asia, based in both Singapore and Shanghai, and was instrumental in the development of a new line of gas detectors that was designed specifically for the highly competitive Asian market. Cliff currently resides in a suburb of Chicago, and manages Honeywell’s industrial gas detection business in the Midwest, which allows him to spend more quality time with his only daughter.

Session Abstract

Cannabis plant cultivation and oil extraction processes use a variety of toxic and combustible gases that must be monitored continuously for safety. Building and safety regulations require the use of gas detection systems in specific areas, based on gases to be monitored and the area hazard classification. What gases need to be monitored? What types of detectors should be used? Where should gas detectors be installed for optimal performance? What actions need to be taken when gas levels reach unacceptable levels? These are all questions that will be addressed in this presentation.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) enrichment is used in the commercial cultivation of marijuana and industrial hemp to increase plant growth and development. CO2 displaces oxygen and can cause an asphyxiation hazard, and must be monitored for safety. Solvent Extraction is used to remove the essential oils from plant matter. Common process “solvents” include ethanol, butane, propane, hexane, other flammable liquids, and Carbon Dioxide. Most are toxic and highly flammable. In addition, greenhouse heating and cooling systems can also pose concerns if not properly maintained and serviced, due to Carbon Monoxide (CO) or refrigerant leaks.

Honeywell brings decades of experience and the industry’s most advanced gas monitoring instrumentation to serve the cannabis industry. We offer a complete line of fixed and portable gas detectors for use in and around your facility. Our solutions exceed all federal, state and local occupational safety and health regulations. From standalone detectors to larger controller-based systems, Honeywell is dedicated to protecting people, equipment and environment through cost- effective gas detection.