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Charlena Berry

Cannabis Business Growth

Session Title: Submitting a Competitive Cannabis Application

Professional Summary

Charlena owns a cannabis consulting firm, Cannabis Business Growth, which specializes in guiding cannabis start-ups and investors on how to navigate the complex challenges associated with the Cannabis Industry. She works on domestic and international projects and has assisted more than 140 clients in compliance, licensing, and business strategy. Charlena has assisted dozens of clients in California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Massachusetts to win cannabis licenses. Additionally, Charlena has worked internationally with licensing projects in the new recreational Canadian markets of the Northwest Territory, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Her company has also had the unique opportunity to assist clients as far away as Zimbabwe and Australia gain. Her unique breadth of experience gives her an unusual insight on how to crafting winning strategies.

Finally, Char holds a Master of Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and prior to transitioning to cannabis, she worked in retail and supply chain for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing and consumer goods sectors.

Session Abstract

Preparing a medical cannabis application is a daunting task and extremely competitive. Applicants must consider every aspect of their future business then write it in a way that clearly provides the scoring body evidence and credibility. Scorers must believe that the applicant is capable of delivering a legally compliant cannabis business which will be professional, safe, and provide secure access to medical cannabis. The business itself must stand out as a winner and provide unique solutions to cultivating, manufacturing, or selling medical cannabis.
In this seminar, Charlena Berry will review the features of a winning cannabis application. Winning dozens of licenses, she brings a unique approach to winning. She focuses on the integrity and character of the applicant thru due diligence. Char will cover topics such as assembling the right team, the best methods to craft application narrative, and earning the trust of readers by providing adequate evidence of the commitments stated in the application. Applicants will leave the seminar with a better understanding on how to assemble a winning cannabis application and ultimately how to gain coveted state licensure.