Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Ash Ganley

Chief Technology Officer

Session Title: Selecting Synchronous Technology to Optimize the Cannabis Environment and Operations

Professional Summary

Ash is a highly creative, seasoned problem-solver with expertise across all aspects of building a rapid-growth technology business with a focus on high-efficiency LED lighting solutions and integrated systems design for commercial cannabis cultivation. He is a passionate advocate and experienced strategist for an energy efficient, whole-systems approach to controlled environment agriculture. Ash has deep experience and a proven track record in the areas of horticulture lighting technology, team building, manufacturing, lighting and facility design, cannabis cultivation, vertical farming, investor relations, International sales channel development and project management.

Session Abstract

1. Topic Overview: Integrated facility design and a whole systems approach to optimizing yields and lowering energy consumption and CAP-EX/OP-EX in commercial cannabis.

2. Topic Summary: Ash will discuss NOBO’s latest findings regarding the newest efficiency-focused methods and technologies from the perspective of integrated systems design.

Problem: Disintegrated design and continued use of poorly vetted, legacy technology and old practices is forcing growers out of business as price and regulatory pressures combine to demand that growers achieve a lower cost of production.

Solution: Application of new, integrated, high-efficiency technologies and protocols to lower costs and energy use while increasing quality and yield.

Ash can speak from the vantage point of both a technologist and commercial grower and will touch on the biggest up front and ongoing costs for growers: Lighting and HVAC. He will also touch on whole-systems horticulture optimization techniques and dispel some of the ‘technology myths’ that continue to circulate in the cannabis space. Underneath these specifics is a strong economic message that it is now entirely possible to have a true win-win cultivation strategy: Higher quality and increased yields at lower costs and significantly reduced energy usage and carbon footprint.