Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Adam Patt

iCann Insure, LLC

Session Title: Panel - Cannabis Business Strategies

Professional Summary

Since 2008, Adam Patt has served in leadership roles as President for both iCann Insure, LLC and Maxam Assurance Agency. With over 20 years of experience, Adam's industry knowledge and attention to detail has earned his agencies multiple insurance awards for Best-Practices and Best-In-Class. His strong background in risk-management, safety programs and IT solutions supports their continued success.

Adam's experience with Fortune 500 companies makes him an asset to the Cannabis Industry for his knowledge and implementation of regulatory statutes, OSHA Compliance as well as maintaining NFPA codes and standards. He keeps himself current on legislative processes through diligent self-study of pertinent initiatives. Adam is a member of NCIA's Finance and Insruance Committiee, the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois, and Trusted Choice Network.

Adam is personally invested in advancing cannabis accessibility after watching his own father suffer with Lung Cancer. His frustration over lack of information and options from traditional medicine fuels his passion for helping individuals find natural health choices. Adam’s vision is for simplified access to life-changing botanicals for those who need them. He believes people should not have to risk prosecution or undue expense in order to procure such items and desires to be an advocate for change.

Adam serves his greater community by donating and volunteering for a number of non-profit organizations that endeavor to improve the lives of those they serve and educate others to the challenges their clients face. As Adam gives to those around him, he also strives to give to himself a balanced life by practicing and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu, playing music in a band, meditating, and enjoying the company of his dog.

Session Abstract

As a result of the recently adopted Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act, Illinois will be issuing a limited number of new adult use cannabis business licenses. This panel will discuss and answer questions around the intersection of the regulations of these new licenses, user needs, operation, marketing and legal strategies. Mr. Patt will speak to various Illinois licensing and Insurance scenarios, Mr. Lisek, will focus on discussions around user experience and best retail practices, Ms Springer, will address operation and marketing requirements, with Mr. Shapiro anchoring the panel with a deep understanding of local zoning regulations, state licensing requirements, and how to overcome obstacles in leasing or purchasing real estate for cannabis use in order to have the best chance of opening a cannabis business.