Brandy VanGessel

Awaekn Creative
Joint Owner

Session Title: Business Building Through Enhanced User Experience and Branding

Professional Summary

Awaekn Creative was founded by Brandy VanGessel and Hillary Womboldt to elevate brands in the cannabis space, using innovative experiential design. Combined, they have 15 years experience, a multidisciplinary skillset, and a modern approach to design. Experience with top brands such as, Steelcase, Coachella, Marriott, Detroit Lions, and Michigan State University.

Session Abstract

User stories are a way to design with the end user in mind. Using a combination of experiential marketing and game development techniques, learn how to secure brand loyalty through experiences. In this session, discover ways to engage customers both in-store and out.


  • 1. Introduction
    • Brandy and Hillary background
  • 2. Who’s your customer?
    • John (demographic type 1)
    • Jane (demographic type 2)
  • 3. User Stories
    • What is a user story?
    • Examples
  • 4. User Stories in Action
    • First impressions
      • Example 1
      • Example 2
    • Retail
      • Example 1
      • Checkout
  • 5. How to get started
  • 6. Questions & Answer