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Michael Dubinovsky

Sunshine Boosters

Session Title: Precision growing: Engineering Approach to Cannabis Cultivation

Professional Summary

Michael has been an opto-electronic engineer for over 30 years, working for various industries, including lighting, opto-electronics, defense, lasers, etc. However, growing live plants was his lifetime passion. He co-founded - one of the leading live tropical plants growers, located in Florida. Later he decided to apply his technical expertise to creating a scientifically based controlled growing environment for plants, including cannabis, so people can get the very best results from their plants.   

Session Abstract

Yield, quality, and quantity can all be significantly increased using a scientific approach to cannabis plant growing.

Growing yield can be significantly increased by using an advanced micro-controller system which monitors the following critical elements and maintains optimal levels: light, CO2, temperature, PH, humidity, and water and nutrient levels. This system provides full automation of sensing, sequencing, charting, logging, and alarms.

Alongside these electronic components, advanced plant nutrients give consistent optimal dosing during each stage of plant development. This system has been proven to significantly enhance plant growth during field trials at one of the leading cannabis growing facilities in Oklahoma.