Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jody Yarbrough


Session Title: Cannabis Accounting, Tax Compliance and Business Process

Professional Summary

Jody spent 20 + years in the complex and highly regulated healthcare industry. As Controller and Chief Financial Officer, Jody was an executive leader for several private $500M organizations.

Jody oversaw and directed Finance Operations including accounting, management and GAAP financial reporting, claims payments, cash management and forecasting, internal control evaluation and implementation, accounting system implementations, budget, financial analysis, forecasting and complex financial sensitivity modeling, information technology and contract management. Additionally, Jody led several successful revenue enhancement and cost management initiatives to improve financial results.

In 2016, Jody became a chief financial officer consultant to privately held business owners. In 2018, Jody trained specifically in Cannabis accounting, cost accounting and tax issues.

Throughout her career Jody thrived as a leader, mentor and educator. Jody’s passion is to educate Cannabis owners in business financial operations. She strives to bring value to her clients and help them achieve success.

Jody is a certified public accountant licensed in Arizona and a University of Arizona alumnus.

Session Abstract

Major Discussion Points:

  • Legal entity selection
  • Adequate Capital and Realistic Projections
  • Understand the basics
  • IRS Code Rules
  • Be Aware of Tax Cases
  • Critical Finance Operations
  • Always Prepared
  • Types of IRS Audits
  • Best Strategy for Financial Compliance Success
  • What to Look for in a Business Professional to Help You Succeed

Key Benefits & Takeaways for Business Owners:

  • Understand your options and how to ensure your entity selection personally protects owners from adverse business outcomes
  • Understand the importance of adequate capital and the importance of realistic forecasting
  • Learn basic terminology that is part of financial operations and cannabis financial compliance
  • Learn the basic concepts of IRS rules: IRC §471 Inventory & COGS, IRC §280e Ordinary & Necessary Business Expenses
  • Overview of tax court cases and what tripped up previous cannabis companies
  • Learn what the critical finance operations entail: Accounting Software Selection, Cannabis Specific Chart of Accounts, Financial Transaction Documentation, Working Paper Documentation, Reconciliations, Document Storage, Tax Filings and Payments, Internal Controls and Asset Safeguards, Especially Cash
  • Learn the benefits of being always prepared for audits, lender reviews, investor diligence and exit diligence
  • Learn the types of audits that you’ll see in your cannabis business: IRS Income Tax Audit, IRS 8300 Audits, State Audits
  • Understand your best option in the financial compliance arena is to follow the rules. Lift up your business through brand and reputation.
  • Learn what finance and accounting skills, education and value you should look for to support your success.