Curetube: Easy Burping Lid 4-6 LB

The CureTube is designed to be placed horizontally on its side. The reason for this is to simply rotate or roll tube to gently tumble the product instead of violently shaking the product.

Easy Burping Lid designed to easily open/close tube. External Hygrometer allows the user to know the humidity in the tube without having to open. Interior lining is designed to keep humidity in/out. Dry Erase board for easy organization and note taking. The humidity/oxygen slot is for placing a humidity pack or oxygen pouch into the slot.


The Curetube was developed and designed to create a more efficient way to store and help increase product quality by giving the user control of humidity and temperature specific to their product. This will help fix the old ways of very time consuming and inefficient methods. These outdated methods involve... Read more »

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