Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Stevan Bratic

Bratic Enterprises, LLC
Managing Director/Sole Proprietor and Owner

Session Title: Optimizing Indoor and/or Greenhouse Cannabis Grow Operation with a Focus on Energy & Sustainability

Time: May 7th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Bratic Enterprises’ was formed by key individuals in the lighting and energy industry. They have extensive experience providing Lighting and Controls for both interior and exterior applications and has grown by adding sustainability to the level of taking our customers off the grid by developing custom Micro-Grid solutions with Solar, Battery and/or Natural Gas Power Plant. The company was formed in 2000 selling LEDs to automotive tier manufactures developing their own lighting solutions for exterior turn signals and/or general illumination systems for the interior. Then they progressed to Universities that developed forensic science lighting technologies and ultimately transitioned to Commercial and Industrial lighting systems. Over time, the company has grown steadily into Agricultural & Horticultural industry, which lead them into the Cannabis industry with Grow Lights, HVAC, Dehumidification, Destratification, Racking Systems, Irrigation, Reverse Osmoses, Fertigation, Architectural, General Contractor, Construction (all trades), Kitchens, Testing & Processing, Co2, and most importantly; Power Generation through Solar and/or Natural Gas Power Plant. And lastly, if you have skin in the game, we can offer financing.

For these types of projects, Bratic typically deals with architects, designers, facilities managers, property owners, construction developers in the formulation of a complete energy efficiency and sustainability solution. For more information on Bratic Enterprises go to: or,  please contact them by email at [email protected] and/or call our offices at 248.582.1408.  

Session Abstract

This webinar is designed to discuss and review the following points when considering options for understanding traditional systems versus other technologies that support higher level offerings in being energy efficient and sustainable.

  • Grow Processes
  • Lighting
    • HPS/MH/CMH
    • LED
  • Natural Gas Power Plant
    • Chillers/Co2
  • Controls
  • Controlled Dehumidification
  • Solar System  
  • Grow Systems
    • Vertical & Horizontal  
  • Destratification
  • Roofs (indoor grow facilities)
  • Greenhouses

With this review, we hope to open some options for some customers to consider being more energy efficient and sustainable.