Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Michael Caballero

IC Realtime
Product Specialist

Session Title: What Cannabis Professionals need to know about Video Surveillance

Time: May 28th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Michael Caballero is currently serving as IC Realtime's Product Specialist. In his role, he hosts all online training webinars and plays a pivotal role in training internal technicians. Michael contributes to dealer development during the course of technical summits and plays a critical role in new product launches and quality control. He is very articulate and his expertise touches all facets of IC Realtime. He is passionate about delivering quality solutions, content, and has a love for animals.

Session Abstract

This session is designed to introduce IC Realtime and Greenline Cannabis Video Surveillance. Learn about the importance of video surveillance strategy and qualifying the right solution. We will touch on compliance for various states and why selecting the right equipment and the right installation & maintenance partner could be the difference between a successful business or failure.