Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jennifer Germano

ICS Consulting Service

Session Title: Cannabis Product Safety & Handling Practices for Licensed Operators

Time: June 16th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Jennifer Germano began working in the Colorado Marijuana Industry in 2009 after she transitioned over from working in commercial kitchens for 23 years in the restaurant industry.

She worked her way from the ground floor through every employee and management position in medical dispensaries to the level of director of operations of a multi-million dollar recreational dispensary and cultivation operation in 2014.

Jennifer is a long-time industry vet, witnessing the industry in Colorado going from an unregulated wild west in 2009 to the strictly regulated market of 2020. This experience has taught her the importance of implementing, understanding regulation and protocol.

In 2015 Jennifer founded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in the regulated Cannabis Industry to Chief Executive Officer of a compliance focused consulting business. ICS specializes in Compliance based services, such as Third-Party State Regulatory Audits, State and Local License Application Support, Technical Writing, Standard Operating Procedures Development, Compliance Operations Training, Employee Retention Solutions, Employee Onboarding, Manufacturer Food and Product Safety Certifications/ServSafe® Instructor, OSHA certified, Licensed Facility Build-out Support, HR Compliance and Operational Compliance Readiness Support.

Session Abstract

Now is the time to lean into the company processes and standards in your Cannabis Business. During these challenging times of uncertainty, a Health and Sanitation Plan is essential more than ever in our ever-changing Cannabis Industry.

This session will educate the attendee on following critical topics and how Licensed Cannabis Operations can continue to provide a clean employee work and customer retail environment through basic Health and Sanitation Practices in your day to day operations.

Topics Covered:

  • Hand washing best practices
  • The proper way to utilize gloves
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing contact surfaces
  • A review of Cross-Contamination and how to prevent
  • Reviewing all your SOPS to ensure the following areas are covered and/or updated: Health and Sanitation Plan & Emergency Plan
  • What the emergency plan should consist of
  • Sick employee policy implementation
  • Protecting At-Risk populations
  • Implementing Social Distancing Guidelines in your operations with employees and customers
  • Other Retail options such as: Curbside Pick-Up and/or On-Line Ordering for expediting the process efficiently
  • Eliminating Deli-Style weighing in dispensaries and temporarily moving to a Pre-packaged product
  • Supply Chain resources for commercial facilities
  • Additional Compliance Resources
    • OHSA
    • CDC
    • Health Department